Student Design Competition: Video Presentations

In the context of the HCII2019 Student Design Competition, eighteen (18) video submissions have been accepted for presentation, as a series of rolling video presentations, at the conference:

  • Monday, 29 July 2019, 16:00 - 18:00, Room: Asia 5
  • Monday, 29 July, 10:00 until Wednesday, 31 July, 16:30 in the Exhibition/Posters/Coffee Break Area at Northern BCDE Ballroom

All accepted Student Design Competition video clip submissions will be successively presented for viewing, on Monday, 29 July 2019, 16:00 - 18:00, Room: Asia 5. They will also be repeatedly presented for the entire duration of the main conference (Monday 29 July, 10:00 to Wednesday 31 July, 16:30) in the Exhibition/Posters/Coffee Break Area. Authors are welcome to attend the rolling video presentations during the above days and times in order to meet interested conference participants and discuss the work presented in their video clip.

All accepted video clip submissions have been evaluated by a distinguished seven-member international committee acting as the jury to select the three award winners.

The awards will be announced and conferred during the Opening Plenary Session of the Conference on Sunday 28 July, 18:00 - 19:30, at the Northern AB Ballroom.

Award winning presentations

MRsive: An Augmented Reality Tool for Enhancing Wayfinding and Engagement With Art in Museums
Jad Al Rabbaa, Alexis Morris, Sowmya Somanath, Canada
Mimi the Memory Dog: Increasing Empathy for the Elderly Using Design Probes for Story Preservation
Yuhao Shi, P.R. China; Ashley Bates, Naomi Lacy, United States; Ashwin Athlye, India
Amber Ackley, Karla Chang Gonzalez, United States
YUE Virtual Park: Visualizing the National Voice
Ting Liang, P.R. China
Computer Supported Community Cooperation: Using Theory-driven Design and Controlled Experiments to Innovate in Home Energy Monitoring and Sustainable Behaviors
Marlen Promann, United States
TradeMarker - Artificial Intelligence-based Trademarks Similarity Search Engine
Idan Mosseri, Matan Rusanovsky, Gal Oren, Israel
Lime: Helping People to Drink Responsibly
Kesava Karthik Kota, Rugved Arte, Chaitrali Gandhi, Xi Li, United States
Kolli Vishal Reddy, Kesava Karthik Kota, United States
Tingling Cast: Broadcasting platform service for stuttering children
HyunJin Jo, Yeonji Kim, JaeYoung Yun, Korea
MITO:Intelligent Toy Storage Assistant
Yue Yang, Zhibin Zhou, Mingsen Yang, Zhou Fang, Jiawen Huang, Chaoyang Wang, Yihong Ji, P.R. China; Kenneth Sim, Singapore; Hao Jiang, Lingyun Sun, P.R. China
Smart holder for special groups
Xiaojun Lai, Menghan Wang, P.R. China
Mixed Reality and Internet of Things as an Assistive Technology for Elderly People
Ryan Anthony J. De Belen, Dennis Del Favero, Tomasz Bednarz, Australia
Twins Robot: Smart Vacuum Cleaner With New Interaction Mode
Yuyang Zhang, Zhibin Zhou, Qing Gong, Yaoying Yang, Yue Wu, Hao Jiang, Lingyun Sun, P.R. China
Honeyjar:A savings assistant for children in the era of e-payment
Qing Gong, Zhibin Zhou, Yuyang Zhang, Junhao Lin, Lu Wei, Menghan Zhang, Tieli Yu, Hao Jiang, Lingyun Sun, P.R. China
Dental Anaesthesia Simulation
Jieying Lee, Jo Hanan Lau, Ching-Chiuan Yen, Kelvin Foong, Intekhab Islam, Singapore
ARena: Improving the construction process of line-follower robot arenas through Projection Mapping.
Júlia De Souza, Gustavo C.R. Lima, Pedro J.L. Silva, Joao M.X.N. Teixeira, Veronica Teichrieb, Diogo Henriques, Brazil
Design and Implementation of Social Services on Wheels (SSW) to increase Travel Safety for Female Employees in Emerging Cities
Nuren Abedin, Kazi Mozaher Hossein, Jecinta Kamau, Rajib Chakraborty, Kenji Hisazumi, Japan; Ashir Ahmed, Bangladesh
BEN’FIT: Design and Implementation of a Cultured-Tailored Fitness App to Motivate Bodyweight Exercise
Kiemute Oyibo, Babatunde Olabenjo, Abdul-Hammid Olagunju, Julita Vassileva, Canada